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Our programs are designed to elevate Black Excellence by revealing the brilliance that has always existed in our community!  We acknowledge and stand firm in the truth that the historic disregard of our culture and heritage has deprived society of its true transformative potential.  Central to our mission is ensuring that our community is equipped to excel within their authentic selves and to drive meaningful change in society to sustain this work.  Our programs celebrate the unique strengths and resilience of the Black community, creating an environment where our voices and contributions are amplified and valued.

Bridging partnerships between the non-Black community and the Black community is also integral to our approach.  We believe that transformative relationships are built on mutual respect, understanding, and collaboration.  Our initiatives facilitate dialogues and joint ventures that break down barriers and build bridges of trust and solidarity.  By creating spaces where diverse perspectives can converge, we enable the co-creation of solutions that address shared challenges.  These partnerships harness the collective power of our communities, exalting a spirit of unity and collective progress.

Progress is measured in our mission, and we are committed to ensuring that it is both inclusive and sustainable.  Our programs encourage cross-community engagement and highlight the importance of shared goals and mutual support, with a focused lens on the elevation of Black Excellence.  Through workshops, networking events, and collaborative projects, we cultivate an ecosystem where oppressive systems can be dismantled and rebuilt to curate a new direction.  These efforts not only elevate Black Excellence but also promote a more equitable and connected society.  By bridging gaps and catalyzing intentional partnerships, we create pathways for our communities to grow together, driving forward a vision of collective success and transformative progress.

There are many ways to affiliate with our work and to immerse yourself in the movement!  We hope that you will find your entry point into the Epitome Community and we look forward to what we can do together. 


Join us as we continue to dream about the joy of those that come beyond us.

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