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Our Mission

The Epitome of Black Excellence and Partnership has a mention that is twofold:

  1. Black Excellence - We Restore, Elevate, Acknowledge, and Protege (REAP) Black Excellence in our city.  Black Excellence has always existed and has been prevalent in the innovation and sustainability of today's society.  Far too often, these contributions (both past and present) are hidden, ignored, and suppressed.

  2. Partnership - We eagerly foster partnerships that empower non-Black communities to gain proximity to Black Excellence and culture.  Through our work, we ensure that these partnerships are transformative and sustainable securing relationships in our city that are interconnected, where the liberation of one is tied to the liberation of all.

Our Vision 

Our vision is to meticulously curate experiences that not only acknowledge, and celebrate, but also amplify the profound depth of Black Excellence, thereby addressing the long-standing voids within our cities. Simultaneously, we are resolute in our commitment to fostering partnerships and cultivating genuine relationships across all sectors of our communities, serving as the cornerstone for a more just and equitable society. Through collaborative alliances with businesses, organizations, and community leaders, we aspire to forge a robust network of support and resources. This network will stand as a testament to the enduring legacy of Black Excellence, immortalizing its significance within our societal fabric.


Our Responsibility

The Epitome of Black Excellence and Partnership presents a transformative opportunity for our city, where a profound shift in cultural awareness, cultural capital, and interpersonal connections unfolds. In a landscape marred by division, we confront the imperative for collective atonement, acknowledging and actively embracing the actions needed to reconcile our shared history.


This collective responsibility rests on the recognition of systemic evils and oppression deeply entrenched in our society. It demands that we courageously confront our roles in perpetuating or benefiting from these injustices and commit to repairing the damage inflicted. Atonement entails normalized acknowledgment and accountability for our complicity in systemic injustices, transcending racial, ethnic, or societal boundaries as we strive for collective healing and reconciliation. We cannot afford to passively await the next tragedy to spur intervention; instead, we must proactively devise tangible strategies to prevent further harm.


Embracing intersectionality unites us, while interconnectedness empowers us collectively toward liberation.

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