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R.E.A.P.'ing Black Excellence

At the heart of our mission beats an unyielding dedication to nurturing the restoration of Black leaders in our city.  We deeply acknowledge the innate brilliance and excellence residing within these leaders, and it is our steadfast commitment to furnish them with the requisite resources and opportunities to amplify their impact.  By leveraging comprehensive leadership frameworks, prioritizing the holistic well-being of their leadership journey, and fortifying their connectivity to influential networks, our aim is clear: to dismantle the entrenched barriers that have historically impeded the joy of our Black leaders.  Through our innovative ‘Restore’ model tailored specifically for Black leaders, we not only celebrate their individual excellence but also ignite a seismic shift in our societal landscape, fostering a more robust and diverse tapestry of talent that enriches the fabric of our city.

Embodying the essence of our mission is a proactive approach rooted in intentionality and foresight.  We recognize that fostering the restoration of Black leaders necessitates a multifaceted strategy that transcends mere rhetoric.  Thus, we are committed to implementing tangible initiatives and programs that tangibly uplift and support Black leaders at every stage of their journey.  We aim to provide a nurturing ecosystem wherein Black leaders can thrive, innovate, and catalyze positive change within their spheres of influence.  Through our concerted efforts, we aspire to eliminate existing gaps and forge new pathways toward a stronger and collective city.


We draw strength from the rich legacy of Black Excellence, knowing that through unity and perseverance, we can bring to harvest what our ancestors have sown. Together, we stand as a beacon of hope and possibility, inspiring generations to come and shaping a world where Black Excellence is seen, sought, and leveraged.

Black-led organizations bear the brunt of systemic injustices, facing deliberate and disproportionate challenges that impede growth and impact.  These systemic evils manifest in various forms, from chronic underfunding and pervasive underrepresentation to strategic, systemic marginalization and outright neglect.  We recognize the urgent need to address these systemic barriers head-on and stand in solidarity with Black-led organizations as they navigate these limitations.  Our commitment extends beyond mere rhetoric; we are dedicated to providing relevant support and comprehensive assistance to ensure these organizations thrive.


As champions of equity and justice, we refuse to stand idly by as these organizations are ignored and experience limited access to the resources and opportunities they rightfully deserve.  Through strategic partnerships, advocacy efforts, and targeted interventions, we amplify their voices and elevate their visibility, to eliminate systemic barriers and enable our city to realize the excellence of these organizations.


Our commitment to elevating Black-led organizations is not merely a matter of philanthropy; it is a moral imperative and a strategic imperative.  We recognize the inherent value and expertise that these organizations bring to our communities and society at large.  By investing in their success, we are investing in a future where Black excellence is not just a buzzword but a fundamental principle that guides our collective success.  Our ‘Elevate’ model ensures that  Black-led organizations are celebrated, supported, and elevated to effect lasting change in our communities and beyond.

At the core of our ethos lies a profound reverence for the celebration of Black Excellence and Partnership across every facet of our city.  Our ‘Acknowledge’ model gives us space to fulfill our commitment to not only acknowledge but also amplify the remarkable contributions and triumphs of the Black community.  As we honor the innovation, impact, and ingenuity that define the Black experience, we fervently promote a culture that celebrates Black Excellence and acknowledges those who are committed to transformative Partnerships with the Black community.


We recognize and are honored to create a platform that exposes the significance of commemorating cultural milestones and traditions that reflect the richness of Black heritage. From the jubilant festivities of Juneteenth, marking the emancipation of enslaved African Americans, to the vibrant observance of Kwanzaa, which honors African cultural heritage and values, and the dynamic expressions of creativity and identity showcased in Black Arts Festivals, we embrace these celebrations as opportunities to affirm the enduring legacy of Black Excellence.  Through these commemorations, we not only pay homage to the triumphs of the past but also inspire hope for a future where Black achievement continues to bring joy to our city.


Black Excellence and Partnership are not only a testament to the past but also a catalyst for future progress.  At the annual ‘Epitome Awards’ we amplify the voices and talents of the Black community, celebrate those who are in transformative partnership with the Black community, and curate a space for the city to gather in honor of these achievements.

An element of our unique purpose is our dedication to cultivating the future vanguards of Black leadership within our city.  Investing in future leaders is both a moral obligation and a strategic necessity for fostering enduring progress and effecting impactful change. Through the establishment of a robust ‘Protege’ program, we lay the foundation for a dynamic pipeline of talented individuals who will shape the trajectory of various fields, industries, and inspiration.


Through the inception of our comprehensive 'Protege' program, we not only lay down the groundwork but also ignite the flames of potential within a diverse array of emerging talents. This initiative lays the groundwork to ignite the flames of excellence of emerging talents.  With fervent dedication, we partner with current Black leaders in various fields to create a succession plan that will prepare and uplift the next generation of Black leaders.  Our program enables these rising leaders to navigate the complexities of tomorrow with readiness, innovation, and unwavering purpose.

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