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The Epitome Griot

 In the illustrious history of Black Excellence in our city, the Epitome Griot emerges as a platform of wisdom, passion, impact, and guidance.  Much like the revered griots of old, the Epitome of Black Excellence and Partnership crafts a space for leaders to embark on a deliberate journey embodying these timeless traditions.


As an organization, we are deeply committed to serving Black leaders in our city and fiercely safeguarding the narrative of our work.  In our city, we recognize the crucial need for leaders with compelling narratives—tales of triumph over adversity, narratives of resilience in the face of challenges, and stories of unity and community elevation.   Thus, the term Griot resonates deeply with us.

The Epitome Griot is an innovative experience designed to elevate the excellence and resilience of Black Leaders in our city.  The curriculum is meticulously crafted to address the unique challenges and opportunities faced by our community.


The program includes robust modules on:

  • Collective Leadership - Emphasizing the power of collaborative efforts and shared vision in driving impactful change within organizations and communities.

  • Resting into Your Work and not Working into Your Rest," which teaches participants the importance of prioritizing well-being and sustainability, ensuring that leaders can maintain high performance without sacrificing their health. Finally, the curriculum covers Succession Planning for Pipeline Leadership, providing strategic insights and tools to cultivate future leaders, ensuring a continuous and dynamic leadership pipeline. Through this comprehensive program, Black leaders are equipped with the skills, knowledge, and support needed to excel and create lasting impact.

Meet the 2024 Eptiome Griot

We are dedicated to celebrating and showcasing the exceptional Black leaders who join the Epitome Griot and we invite you to explore the stories of these dynamic leaders, learn about their inspiring journeys, and join us in celebrating their contributions to our city.

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